DalLUX™(STS) Stone & Tile Support System

Stone and tile add natural beauty and timeless elegance and is prized for its strength and durability. With the Daldorado DalLUXTM  (STS) stone and tile support grate system, designers can take their decking to the next level by bringing the deck to the water’s edge for superior aesthetics and functionality.

Daldorado Stone Tile Support Diagram

DalLUX™ Porcelain Perimeter Tiles

Anti-Slip Tile manufactured by Serapool Tile in Turkey since 1987 with a proven record of quality that conforms to IBC for ceramics. 

DalLUX™ Life Floor Drainage System by Daldorado

Maintain Aesthetics Without Compromise

Our exclusive DalLUXTM Drainage Support System combined with the Life Floor foam-rubber flooring is the best of both worlds, promoting drainage while providing traction and cushion to protect against falls.