Myrtha Pools Main Drains by Daldorado

Daldorado has developed, in partnership with Myrtha Pools, a DalMAX-SG product line that includes 316 stainless steel to PVC welding flanges that are certified to ANSI/APSP/ICC 16-2017.

As world leaders in the aquatic industry, both companies continually drive innovation, develop new technologies and deliver excellence in their respective areas in the aquatics industry, yet still hit the mark on Safety and Compliance.

“Partnering with Myrtha Pools means delivering the highest-quality, safest product possible for our clients.” said Rob Lawson.

18 x 36 x 25

18 x 36 x 28

18 x 36 x 34

18 x 54 x 27

18 x 54 x 29

18 x 54 x 34

18 x 72 x 34


18 x 72 x 42


24 x 24 x 12-03

24 x 24 x 12-04

24 x 24 x 12-06

24 x 24 x 30

24 x 48 x 34


24 x 48 x 42


About Daldorado LLC

Headquartered in Naples, FL, Daldorado is comprised of a team of specialists leading the commercial aquatics industry by following the strictest USA and International Code requirements and by being independently tested and certified to APSP/ANSI/CAN 16-2017 for SOFA’S (Suction Outlet Assemblies) or main drain sumps and grates, and perimeter grating solutions.

Daldorado maintains its reputation around the world as 'the Gold Standard' through its commitment to manufacturing the highest quality products with SAFETY being its #1 priority.  

About Myrtha Pools

Founded in Garda Lake, Italy over 60 years ago, Myrtha Pools has transformed the aquatics industry with innovative pool design solutions, breakthrough technology and efficiencies. Today, Myrtha Pools touts having installed tens of thousands of pools in over 70 countries worldwide, thus becoming a name synonymous with quality and trust.