Introducing the revolutionary DalFLEX™ Lane Line Anchors, a game-changer in the world of lane line systems! What sets us apart is our unique design, unmatched in the market. Experience seamless installation in almost all rim-flow gutter systems, providing you with unmatched flexibility and eliminating any trip hazards. Say goodbye to costly bonding or pool shell penetrations (compliant with NEC 680.26(c)), as the DalFLEX™ unit takes care of it all. No more need for expensive metal anchors, no more worrying about bonding costs. Upgrade your competition pool with DalFLEX™ Lane Line Anchors and experience the ultimate in convenience, safety, and cost-effectiveness.

Ideal for ALL gutter design options:
Deck-level gutters
Rim-flow gutters
Roll-out gutters
Stainless-steel gutters


  • Certified NSF/ANSI/CAN 50-2020
  • Tested to over 1200lbs pull weight.
  • NO TRIPPING HAZARD: Black silicone-wrapped flat 316SS ribbon extension (w/ ‘S’ hook) is securely fixed to DalFLEX unit and folds back into base to be stowed away for later use.
  • Installation hardware included
  • Manufactured in 4 sizes
    • 10" (ideal for SS pool gutters)
      12", 14" and 16"

Designer Specs


Install Instructions

Powerpoint Presentation

Patent Pending 63/438 739

DalFLEX-Lane Line 12 inch Anchor

DalFLEX-Lane Line 14 inch Anchor

DalFLEX-Lane Line 16 inch Anchor

Lane Line Extensions


Aesthetics & Safety ~ All In One 

Bare feet and wet swimming pool deck areas can be a dangerous combination, which means keeping your patrons and visitors safe is of the utmost importance. Through state-of-the-art engineering and rigorous testing, Daldorado's grating features a powerful slip-resistant surface profile that is safety tested and certified to American Standards AS 4586-2013 Classification C Wet-Barefoot inclining platform (ramp) test for slip resistance factors in swimming pool surroundings, ramps and stairs leading to water, and communal shower and changing rooms.