From design concept to fabrication, the Daldorado line of commercial pool grating was engineered by a team of experts to meet or exceed International Building Code (IBC) standards. All Daldorado grating is manufactured using only the highest-grade materials and the most advanced molding technologies for durability and superior strength. Form and function with an emphasis on ease of installation makes Daldorado grating the first and only choice for all your grating needs.

Parallel Grating -Straight, Radius & Custom

Daldorado’s SILENTFlow commercial pool grating system is the next evolution in parallel grating— with features that surpass any other commercial grating currently sold in the US. All grating features the highest flow rate — with an unprecedented 40% open area and whisper quiet noise reduction.

Perpendicular Grating

Perpendicular grating is by far the most popular for deck-drain gutter systems. But did you know that the IBC standard for Child Finger & Toe Entanglement requires a gap opening of no more than 8mm? Daldorado grating meets these IBC guidelines and more to help avoid small fingers and toes from getting hurt. 

Gutter Drop Out Grate (GOG)

Constructed of Daldorado molded NSF 50 PVC parallel grate, UV stabilized, non-corrosive, non-magnetic and non-conductive our GOGrates are custom made with or without a frame and in custom sizes from 6 to 48-inches long and 6 to 16-inches wide.


Aesthetics & Safety ~ All In One 

Bare feet and wet pool decks can be a dangerous combination, which means keeping your patrons and visitors safe is of the utmost importance. Through state-of-the-art engineering and rigorous testing, Daldorado’s grating features a powerful grip, slip-resistant surface profile that exceeds IBC standards (ramp testing). Its herringbone design quickly disperses water to prevent mold or mildew growth.